Does coffee really make you more productive?

Coffee has been shown to improve this process too. Caffeine boosts the mood, and a more positive mind-set is linked to better productivity, as is increased energy. Coffee boosts energy levels as long as it is consumed steadily, avoiding a caffeine crash.

Does caffeine make you short?

While it’s not proven to make you shorter, Harvard Medical School says excessive coffee consumption has been associated with other health concerns. Some of them include: Some of them include: Reduced fertility and miscarriage

Can coffee really stunt your growth?

Simply put, no, coffee will not stunt your growth. The perceived connection between coffee consumption and decreased bone density is likely due instead to an insufficient intake of calcium. For many years, parents have been cautioned against letting children and teenagers drink caffeine because it was assumed that the caffeine would hinder bone growth.

Can drinking coffee make you shorter?

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