Does coffee help or hurt gout?

One reason coffee can help gout sufferers is because it lowers uric acid levels by increasing the rate of uric acid excretion in the body. Coffee contains beneficial compounds such as caffeine and polyphenols: Caffeine functions similarly to xanthine oxidase inhibitors, which inhibit the activity of xanthine oxidase.

What are the effects of coffee on gout?

Is coffee not good for gout?

caffeine is probably gout-neutral so shouldn’t make your gout worse. long-term coffee consumption may actually reduce the risk of gout. other ingredients in coffee probably reduce the risk of gout, not caffeine. a sudden increase in coffee consumption can actually trigger a gout attack.

Can drinking coffee help gout sufferers?

If you already have gout, drinking coffee may help to reduce your chance of having a flare-up. This is because coffee may help to lower the uric acid your body creates. It may also improve your…

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