Does coffee and caffeine affect sleep?

It is readily available in coffee and other foods and beverages, and is used to mitigate sleepiness, enhance performance, and treat apnea in premature infants. This review systematically explores evidence from epidemiological studies and randomized controlled trials as to whether coffee and caffeine have deleterious effects on sleep.

When is the best time to take caffeine to improve sleep?

What is the role of caffeine in the treatment of insomnia?

Kamimori GH, Mclellan TM, Tate CM, Voss DM, Niro P, Lieberman HR. Caffeine improves reaction time, vigilance and logical reasoning during extended periods with restricted opportunities for sleep. Psychopharmacology. 2015;232(12):2031–2042.

Does coffee make you tired?

As a result, turning to coffee to fix the effects of sleep deprivation can create a negative cycle. Because you feel more tired, you drink more coffee, but that coffee disrupts your sleep, leading to more tiredness in the long run. Rather than making you tired, it is possible that coffee simply is not making you as alert as it once did.

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