Does caffeine really have a taste to it?

Yes, caffeine has a taste. When not sweetened or mixed with any beverage, caffeine has a bitter alkaline taste. But when you sweeten caffeine or add it to a beverage, you get a new taste. Typically, the outcome of such combinations is a blend of the taste of caffeine and the drink.

Does caffeine have the same effect on everyone?

Does caffeine affect the taste of coffee and Cola?

The caffeine in this is enough make you feel alert and energized, like a cup of coffee, so we are not denying the presence of coffee -even if we cannot taste it. Our final verdict in this Coke With Coffee review is that we love the flavor, but it doesn’t taste like coffee at all.

What does caffeine feel like?

Time slows down while you feel like you are on triple speed. At some points it almost gets psychedelic and really unhealthy, the come down phase is horrible and you really want to sleep but you cant because your mind races faster than you head can keep up, and you arent really productive either.

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