Does ballerina tea really help with weight loss?

The tea is widely rumored to help with weight loss and weight maintenance. But people who drink the tea may suffer uncomfortable side effects. Scientific studies do not support the benefits of ballerina tea or its use as a health or weight loss aid.

What are the side effects of ballerina tea?

What are the benefits of ballerina tea?

What Makes Ballerina Tea So Special?Caffeine Free. One good thing about Ballerina Tea is that it is completely caffeine-free. …May Lower Blood Sugar Levels. One of the health benefits of ballerina tea is that it can potentially lower high blood sugar levels.It’s Laxative Properties Make It Good for Constipation. …It’s Laxative Properties May Help You Lose Weight. …

Why 3 ballerina tea is so good for weight loss?

Why 3 ballerina tea is so good for weight loss? Ballerina tea is marketed as a way to accelerate weight loss. The ingredients have a laxative effect and cause your body to secrete a lot of fluids, cleaning them from the weight of water. Some people consume Ballerina tea for this specific purpose.

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