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You get three containers for easier storage of the ground coffeeThe containers are re-usableThe coffee is affordable

What does Colombian coffee taste like?

What are the characteristics of Colombian coffee?

Characteristics of Columbian Coffee . Columbian coffee is vibrant, complex, and rich, with a robust, yet mild taste, and a nice even mix of acidity and bitterness, a light to medium body, and a smooth finish. The best Columbian coffee is labeled Columbian Supremo. There are many different brands that make a Columbian Supremo, but whenever you …

Which is better, Arabica or Colombian coffee?

Juan Valdez is a leading Coffee House in Colombia. It produces excellent organic coffee from Arabica Beans. …Some specialty dealers produce Colombian Arabica coffee in small batches. Artisinal Roast 4 Elementos Coffee Beans are great for your first taste of small-batch coffee.Even some of the biggest household coffee producers use Colombian beans. …

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