Can you use a coffee grinder as a blender?

yes, you can, if you have a strong blender but; not recommended for a good coffee. For a better coffee, the ground pieces have to be consistent and not warm. If you grind the beans in a blender you face with a result that all pieces are not in the same size, shape, etc.

How to choose the best coffee grinder for beginners?

What are the benefits of using coffee grinders?

Pros:Simple yet intuitive design •Comes up with consistent grindMost parts are easy to cleanNot as noisy as most grindersThe motor has a slower speed that minimizes the heatDoesn’t produce a staticDoesn’t take up too much space

Which coffee grinder should I buy?

The best coffee grinder will turn your beans into perfectly even grounds, whether it be for an espresso machine, cafetière or any other coffee-preparation gadget or appliance you might use. …fine-ground coffee. …coffee machine reviews. …Need a new coffee machine? …to find the best models for extracting maximum flavour from your grounds. …

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