Can you really live longer just by drinking coffee?

Studies have recently shown that regular java drinkers have a lower risk of diabetes, fewer strokes and heart problems and lower rates of certain cancers. All of that may help explain why coffee drinkers also tend to live longer than people who don’t drink the brew. But much of this good news came from analyzing mostly white populations.

Do people who drink coffee tend to live longer?

Why does drinking coffee help you live longer?

Try stirring in a ¼ teaspoon of the following for extra flavor:Vanilla extractCardamomCinnamonCocoa powder

Does coffee really make you live longer?

Yes, coffee drinkers lived longer. Yes, even if they were drinking decaf. But all of these coffee studies are observational. They didn’t randomly assign people to drink coffee or not; people chose themselves. Coffee drinkers in both studies were less likely to smoke, for example, and the researchers adjusted their numbers to account for that.

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