Can you have rum and coffee drinks?

You can have rum and coffee drinks in hot, iced coffee or slushie form. Here are some of the best rum and coffee drinks: There’s a reason for this drink’s odd name.

How to make spiced rum coffee with whipped cream?

What to do with rum and Coke?

Since a rum and coke is too simple, I’ve decided to turn my second favorite cocktail into a coffee drink. You will need to be careful with this beverage, as the variety of alcohol can sneak up on you. I only recommend one of these to ensure that you’re not going to get too tipsy. You can also reduce the amount of each spirit as necessary.

Can you put coffee in a cocktail?

Even if you don’t plan to use hot coffee in your cocktails in favor of using a refreshing iced version, the bold flavor of coffee makes the perfect addition to tons of different beverages. That’s right, combining cocktails and booze goes way beyond that standard Irish coffee.

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