Can you have coffee or tea on paleo diet?

You can drink tea on the paleo diet as long as it’s pure tea and not loaded with sugar or other additives. This means no sweeteners, honey or milk. 2. Coffee You may have heard that coffee is not allowed on the paleo diet, but it’s okay to have a small one occasionally or up to two cups per day without milk and sugar.

Is caffeine OK on the paleo diet?

Can Paleo drink coffee?

Even though some authors point out that coffee is the Paleo Diet-friendly drink. It is actually not. The creator of the Paleo Diet believes that coffee should be excluded from the diet as the Paleo Diet focuses on eating nutrient dense, naturally occurring, anti-inflammatory foods that promote overall wellness and sustained levels of energy.

Can you have black coffee on the paleo diet?

Unfortunately, coffee is technically not paleo, but unless you hang out with some particularly strict cavemen, adding black coffee to a paleo diet won’t have a dramatic impact on your results. While brewed coffee isn’t paleo, coffee beans are seeds from a type of cherry tree, and eating those tree’s fruits would fall comfortably under the …

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