Can you freeze coffee creamer to extend its shelf life?

The reason is, dairy products spoil faster and so freezing dairy-coffee creamers in their original bottles extends their shelf- life. In short, freezing un-opened coffee creamers will extend their shelf-life to approximately 4-6 months before they go bad.

Do you need to refrigerate coffee creamer?

The best rule of thumb for coffee creamers, as most connoisseurs would suggest, is to keep it in the fridge whether it calls for it or not. In most cases, the creamer will last longer in the cooler temperature that the refrigerator supplies. Additionally, cold creamers allow your coffee to cool down quicker.

Does coffee creamer go bad if not refrigerated?

When you want to tell if your non-dairy creamer is bad, consider the following:Time you store it. All creamers keep for some time past the printed date (see the next section for details), but at some point, you need to draw a line …How the container looks. If it’s bulging or leaky, discard that creamer.Appearance. …Smell. …Taste. …

How long does coffee creamer last in the refrigerator?

Dairy Creamer = Use-By Date (+ 1 week if unopened)Non-Dairy Creamer = Use-by Date (+2 Weeks If Unopened)Mini Coffee Creamer Cups = Use By Date (+1 Month if Unopened)Powered Coffee Creamers =Use By Date (+3 Months If Unopened)