Can you effectively mix creatine with your coffee?

You can mix creatine with coffee. Researches have shown a positive relationship between the consumption of creatine and caffeine mixed. This has been widely used as an effective pre-workout element by many. Creatine is a supplement used by sportsmen and gymnasts for boosting physical demands during training and hard physical activities.

Does caffeine really cancel out creatine?

Should you take creatine with caffeine?

You’ll often hear that the two should not be mixed together, since caffeine “blocks” creatine absorption and reduces its strength boosting effects. If you check the label on certain creatine supplements you’ll even see specific guidelines that instruct you to avoid caffeine while using the product. But what’s the truth here?

What can I take instead of creatine?

The Best Liquid to Mix Creatine WithTake It in Water. It goes without saying that perhaps the easiest and most convenient way to take the supplement is to mix creatine with water, and take it before …Add to Juices and Smoothies. …Mix Creatine With Protein. …

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