Can I use Tassimo in a Keurig?

Tassimo coffee makers do Not use K-Cups. Instead it uses its own style of disposable coffee pods called T-Discs. To my knowledge, only Tassimo machines brew the T-Discs. Keurig machines do not work with T-Discs. Keurig and Tassimo Machine Comparison. Please keep in mind that both Keurig and Tassimo sell several coffee makers.

What is the best coffee for making espresso?

match any decor, and it can make up to 10 cups of coffee at a time in its glass carafe. However, finding the best coffee machine for your needs can feel a bit like Goldilocks picking a bed—some might be too small, too big, too complicated or too simple.

Can I use verismo pods in a Keurig?

You cannot use the Verismo pods in any Keurig machine and this also means you cannot use Keurig K-Cups/Vue-Packs in the Verismo. Starbucks launched the machine with a decent variety of both espresso-based pods and brewed coffee pods with more varieties coming soon. The Verismo uses milk pods to make latte drinks. Will Nespresso pods fit verismo?

How to make espresso without an espresso maker?

An electric kettle with temperature controlA conical burr grinder for a consistent, even grindA scale with a timer, to remove all the guesswork (remember, you’re doing science)High-quality coffee beans, preferably Atlas Coffee