Can I Count coffee as water?

Yes, you can count a single cup of coffee as your water intake. As long as you’re consuming coffee within reason, you can count most kinds of coffee as liquid intake. Caffeinated beverages may contain caffeine. But, the caffeine content is not enough to offset the liquid in the coffee.

Is coffee the same as water?

Can coffee hydrate you as much as water?

Sure, plain water and decaf beverages will hydrate you more, but you can still count that iced coffee as a quencher as much as it is an afternoon pick-me-up. 2.

Does coffee count as water consumption?

Just because coffee is a liquid does not mean it counts as water intake. Coffee contains caffeine, which works as a natural diuretic. This means that coffee can actually dehydrate you if consumed in excess. People who are counting their glasses of water consumed each day should not factor in coffee as water intake.

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