Can drinking better coffee cure your coffee breath?

To make matters worse, coffee is highly acidic, yet another condition that causes bacteria to reproduce with alarming efficiency. One solution to help combat coffee breath is to drink a watered-down cup of coffee without added cream or sugar.

Can too much coffee cause bad breath?

How to beat bad coffee breath?

Method 2 Method 2 of 2: Eating Odor-Neutralizing Snacks Download ArticleEat an apple.Chew cloves. Cloves have a pungent flavor. …Ginger cookies work well too. You can eat a cookie with or after coffee.This is one best cheap and affordable solution to your coffee breath. After your cup of joe, drink a glass of water and chew mint flavored gum.Have yogurt for breakfast. …

What foods fight bad breath?

Foods That Fight Bad BreathFood Affects Your Breath. Your diet dramatically affects how your breath smells, and it’s not just onions or garlic that are the cause; these two are often the culprits behind …Foods to Avoid. …Food That Helps With Bad Breath. …Other Ways to Take on Bad Breath. …Conclusion. …

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