Can coffee really cure a hangover?

The only way coffee helps a hangover is by preventing caffeine withdrawal from making it worse. In this situation, though, coffee’s not alleviating the hangover symptoms. It’s simply preventing other symptoms from developing that would compound the present ones. Drinking coffee could make your headache worse.

How effective is coffee for a hangover?

Should you drink coffee to cure a hangover?

Coffee works as a stimulant — the caffeine in the coffee blocks acetate, which treats a headache.While a hot cup of coffee will ease you and relax your mind, what you also need to give yourself is time to get rid of the symptoms of a …After you drink a hot cup of coffee, you’re likely to use the washroom more frequently. …More items…

Is coffee bad for your hangover?

The simple answer is yes, it does, but it also has some negatives that come with it too. Feeling tired, sleepy and generally lacking energy is one of the main symptoms of a hangover. Naturally, reaching for a cup of coffee to help these symptoms makes a lot of sense. Coffee is stimulant which means it’ll make you feel more alert and awake.

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