Can caffeine actually make you Sleepy?

There are also knock-on effects of caffeine contributing to its ability to cause drowsiness. Caffeine can lead to spikes in blood sugar as well as cause dehydration, both of which can make us feel sleepy. Per the NYT, the only way to get rid of sleep pressure is with sleep.

Why does coffee immediately make me Sleepy?

Why Does Coffee Make Me Tired?It’s because coffee blocks adenosine Adenosine is a chemical in the central nervous system. It regulates your sleep-wake cycle. …It’s because coffee is a diuretic Caffeine has been considered a diuretic for years. A diuretic is a substance that makes you pass urine more often. …It’s because of the sugar in your coffee

What are the benefits of quitting caffeine?

The benefits of quitting caffeine include less anxiety, clearer skin, and improved digestion, among many others. Caffeine is a drug, and going cold turkey can make you feel unwell. To help minimize these effects, drink plenty of water, get some exercise and rest, and try an over-the-counter pain medication if you have headaches.

Why does caffiene make me tired?

“Caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee act as diuretics, causing people to void their bladders more frequently and causing dehydration. That dehydration combined with caffeine withdrawal and the adenosine buildup can make someone feel exhausted,” says Worley.