Best Starbucks Drink to Keep You Awake

Starbucks is one of my preferred places when I want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are many reasons why I love going to this place. I can get it no matter what my heart wants, and the caffeinated, strong drinks offered by Starbucks are like heaven to me. That is what I need to make my day productive. If life’s pressures are getting to me, or if I need some energy, I’ve listed some of the best Starbucks drinks that keep me awake below.

It is relatively complex for me to choose my preferred Starbucks drinks, as it depends on what I am in the mood for. If I am feeling a little coy, I usually order a soy latte, and when I am feeling active, there is a chance I will order espresso or matcha. My drinks always depend on my mood and, most prominently, the amount of caffeine I am looking for. 

Since caffeine fuels my whole day, I will give you some of the Starbucks drinks I depend on to keep me awake, and not only that, but these are also assured to be freaking delicious. 

Coffee with Clover

Clover Brewed Coffee is an excellent choice if you have a deadline and need to stay awake late at night, or if you want a coffee to energize you in the morning.This is considered the strongest coffee offered by Starbucks because it has a high amount of caffeine. It has more than 280 mg of caffeine in a twelve-ounce cup, for example, tall cups. 

This drink has 380 mg of caffeine in a Grande cup as well as 470 mg of caffeine in a Venti cup. Aside from waking you up, this coffee will provide you with an immediate boost in energy and will also improve your mood.

Clover-brewed coffee is brewed with the use of a clover machine. 

This is powered by a state-of-the-art vacuum press system that is the same as the French press. 

This coffee has been included in the menu since the year 2997. Many people love this type of drink, not just because of the high level of caffeine but also because of its exceptional taste. 

It also provided a superb balance and depth of flavor and aroma. You can give this coffee a try if you want the caffeine to hit you as well as keep you awake. 

On Ice Venti Double Shot

Starbucks’ Grande-sized Doubleshot energy beverages are relatively effective in their own right. However, if you upgrade to a venti, the two shots of espresso become five. Therefore, this gets you double the caffeine in the energy drink version with 375 milligrams.

Caffe Americano Venti

This is only water and espresso. While not as overstated as the Doubleshot, this one serves up to four shots and is also known for its low-calorie content. All the shots have an equivalent of 300mg of caffeine, for a total of 25 calories.

Caffe Americano Venti

The Venti Iced Caffe Americano is literally the same thing, only iced. If you are not a fanatic of hot beverages, the iced variety has your back, with a similar number of shots, the same number of calories, as well as the same amount of caffeine. 

Cold Brew Narino 70

The aforementioned drinks do not require many shots to keep you awake and hyped up. This drink has a robust 300mg of caffeine and will surely make you feel alive and kicking. Aside from keeping you awake, this also tastes good.

Cold Nitro Brew

This Starbucks drink is not available nationwide yet; if you can get your hands on the nitrogen-infused drink, know that it’s Hulk strong. This one contains 345mg of caffeine and is very strong; in fact, they do not offer a venti for customers’ safety. 

Pike Place Market Roast

This is one standard cup of espresso offered by Starbucks. However, never underestimate its power or strength. Standing alone, with no crazy alterations, which many of the other beverages need, this one has 410 mg of caffeine in a Venti and also 310 mg of caffeine in a Grande. The tall 12oz cup has 235mg of caffeine, which is over five hours of energy drink. 

Blonde Roast

This is one of the best drinks that impressed me a lot, not only because of having a lighter taste but also because of its stronger volume, which I believe can change my digestive system, so I did not hesitate to include this in the list of drinks that can keep you awake. 

This is a hot brew drip drink with a high amount of caffeine. They describe it as a type of flavor—mellow, light, and sweet. 

I love this drink because of the dark roasts that contain more caffeine than golden roasts because it does not take long to roast. The best way to drink this coffee is to mix or combine it with milk and vanilla. This will make you experience the full flavor of the caffeine, and it is also a good choice for the health-conscious as it is fat-free and sugar-free as well. 

So, this is considered one of the best choices for office professionals, especially in the morning, to keep you awake and make your day fruitful. 

To Sum Up

Starbucks provides a wide array of drinks with a diverse amount of caffeine. Starbucks is very popular for its remarkable coffee menu. While coffee can be for pleasure, it is more necessary for some of you. The caffeine presents in these coffees assists you keep awake. As everybody knows, caffeine comes with a stimulant effect that assists you in keeping awake. Therefore, what many people do first in the morning is to get a cup of coffee to feel fresh and awake. So, if you want to keep awake, alive, and kicking, consider any of the drinks mentioned above. 

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