Are Italian coffee shops replacing Starbucks?

This type of vibe is still very much present in most of Italian coffee shops everywhere. Get inside one of these places and you’ll find the same atmosphere that Starbucks shops everywhere are trying to replicate. Schultz’s idea was to export and franchise an Italian-style coffee shop to North America, to bring the Italian experience to his shores.

What can we learn from the Starbucks Italian situation?

Where will the first Starbucks open in Italy?

It’s no coincidence that the first Italian Starbucks will open in Milan, the most international city in Italy, heart of Italian business, fashion and a highly multicultural centre. What are the opportunities and potential barriers of having Starbucks in Italy?

Why did Starbucks decide to open a Starbucks in Milan?

Moving into the Italian market is a huge risk for Starbucks, however by first opening in Milan, they will be able to take advantage of the large tourist market. It is the least risky option for them and a gentle step into the Italian market to test their acceptance of the longer coffee drinking customer experience.

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